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"I like Ms. Melissa because she explains things thoroughly and well and also she tries to make us have a little fun in the activities we do. For example, we log the time we practice at home and every time we complete a certain amount of hours we get a prize; or like when we do our recital and everybody gets a trophy or medal as a reward we did good this year."


- Dylan, 8 yrs. old, Piano & Voice Student

"Melissa has been a wonderful teacher to my kids in the past three years. She knows how to talk to them, motivate them, and she is able to adjust her teaching style to different personalities.Her good energy and positive feedback really encouraged my son to keep up with new challenges in both piano and singing, without ever forgetting that learning music is also supposed to be fun. I can't imagine them with a different teacher!"


-Sabina, Parent of two students

"MELISSA JILLIAN is a wonder and wonderful in every way! She has participated in so many Kew Gardens events and all audiences, young and older, have enjoyed her musical and storytelling talents. Melissa most recently volunteered to entertain at Empty Bowls, a Kew Gardens fundraiser for hunger. She sang and accompanied herself on the piano singing John Lennon's "Imagine." She wowed the audience!"

- Carol Lacks, Kew Gardens improvement Association, Inc, Board member

"I like Ms. Melissa's class because she teaches music I can play for my family. I've learned my scales and am looking forward to learning more"

- Shekar, 7 yrs. old, Piano student

"I think that Ms. Melissa's class is fun to go to because her class is AMAZING and it teaches you alot! I have already learned my scales! If you want to go to any piano class, thisis the one! Ms. Melissa makes learning fun and she is a really nice person. At the end of the year she has a piano recital.  This is my first time and so far I think I'm going to play really well.  Her class goes on for a really long time. "

- Rajan, 9 yrs. old, Piano student

"I started taking lessons with Melissa Jillian when I was nine years old. Over the past eight years I have received vocal training in many different genres including musical theater, classical and pop. She has provided me with guidance that allows my voice to mature and expand in a healthy way. Every week I am faced with new challenges that help my voice and abilities to grow and solidify. The training  I have received from Melissa Jillian has educated me on what it means to be a singer and a performer. During her lessons, I am not only given an opportunity to sing but I learn how to sing properly and understand music. Her caring and welcoming attitude has placed me in an atmosphere that has encouraged me to grow as an artist and a singer."


- Nora, 17 year old Voice student

"I really enjoy playing piano with Ms. Melissa. She makes it fun while she teaches me.  She is really patient and helps me alot."

- Elizabeth, 9 yrs. old, Piano student

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