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Phone: 917-328-7598                                                                                                                     Hair: Brown

E-mail:                                                                                             Eyes: Green

       Vocal Type: Mezzo-Soprano



Jesus Christ Superstar          Apostle Woman/ Ensemble          St. Gregory's Theatre Group, Queens

From Gatsby to Glee             Cabaret Soloist/ Ensemble            St. Gregory's Theatre Group, Queens

You're.... Charlie Brown       Sally                                                    St. Gregory's Theatre Group, Queens

Hell’s Kitchen                         Patty                                                   Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Sorry, Ms. Jackson                Soloist                                                Iridium Jazz Club, NYC

Christmas In Lights              Stephanie                                           La Comedia Theatre, OH

Little Mary Sunshine            Gwendolyn                                        5th Ave. Pres. Church, NYC

Hair                                          Pluto’s Angel                                     NYU/ CAP 21, NYC

Retro Rock’n Rhythm           Lead Singer/ Dancer                       Spirit Cruises, NYC

South Pacific                          Bloody Mary’s Asst.                         Hampton Playhouse, NH

Burlesque 2000                     Solo Vocalist/Ensemble                 Hampton Playhouse, NH

42nd Street                              Peggy Sawyer                                    Centennial Theatre, MD

Working                                  Housewife                                          Centennial Theatre, MD


FILM/COMMERCIALS/ RADIO                                                                                                

Parkstories                               Lynn                                                  Ana Zirner Pictures

The Joey Reynolds Show      Featured Song                                 WOR710- National

Dating Games                          Extra                                                  Independent

Studio 54                                  Extra                                                  Miramax/ Disney

McDonald’s (Paris)                Extra                                                  McDonald’s



1997-2001                   New York University           New York City, NY

                                                Tisch School Of The Arts (BFA in Theatre)

            Lee Strasburg Theatre Institute

            Collaborative Arts Project of the 21st Century (CAP 21)

            Theatre Studies at NYU in London program

            Intern at Amas Musical Theatre- Production Assistant/ MarketingAssociate



Voice                                       Alix Korey/Jack Lee/Joyce Hall/Peggy Atkinson/Jan Douglas/Robert

                                                 Marks/ Jan Prokop

Acting                                     Frank Ventura/Geoffrey Horne/Bill Balzac

Tap                                          Jeffrey Ferguson/Lane Napper/Diane Hamilton

Jazz                                         Lori Leshner/ Mary Rotella/Jeffrey Ferguson

Ballet                                      Cristine Dhimos/Madeleine Reiss

Piano                                      Chris Suter


SPECIAL INTERESTS AND HOBBIES                                                                               

  • Piano/ Flute/ Saxophone/ Oboe/ Sight Singing/ Transposing

  • Rollerblading/ Skiing (Water & Snow)/ Juggling/ Driving

  • Knowledge in Lighting/ Scenery/ Props/ Sound/ Costumes/ Choreographing/

  • Directing/ House Managing/ Stage Managing

  • Currently Teaching Private Piano & Voice in Kew Gardens

  • Currently Teaching Music Together and Musical Theatre at Studio E

  • Currently Teaching Ballroom Dance in American Ballroom Theatre’s “Dancing Classrooms” Program as seen in the Documentary Mad Hot Ballroom and the movie Take The Lead

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